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India’s Role in a Changing Global Economy

LISA Forum India

India’s Role in a Changing Global Economy

December 8–9, 2010 • New Delhi, India


India’s IT industry has emerged as a global leader for high-quality engineering and design tasks and for development of products sold around the world. At the same time it has helped spur a revolution in India’s internal consumer economy, which is on track to become the third largest in the world by 2035. Over half of the world’s leading IT firms are located in India and the size of this sector is expected to quadruple by 2025. Much of this growth will be fueled by specialized, top-quality small-and-medium-sized companies.

Meeting the demand that India’s internal market will generate and facilitating the export of Indian high-tech consumer goods will be a leading challenge for the globalization industry in the coming decade. In particular, reaching Indian customers will require the development of sophisticated and powerful approaches to multilingual communication based on low-cost mobile platforms, a significant engineering task. Achieving these goals will require adoption of technical, cultural, and process standards and close collaboration between Indian government and industry and international organizations involved in India.

The emergence of large-scale trade flows in consumer goods between countries India, China, Russia, and Brazil has tremendous implication for the localization industry, both in India and around the world. New language pairs, such as Hindi↔Portuguese, will be increasingly important and critical content will need to be provided in a variety of languages that are seldom addressed today. Multinational companies will need to find ways to sell to the “bottom of the pyramid” and creatively adapt products to market conditions in India and other countries.

India will also have a crucial role to play in providing services for the growing consumer markets in all of southern Asia. With a large and dedicated base of business process and IT outsourcing companies, India will need to add globalization capabilities to meet foreign demand for services. At the same time, India’s twenty-two official languages provide access to a market of over 800 million consumers, making India the new strategic market for multinational companies looking for new markets that will experience substantial growth.


The first LISA Forum India will focus on:

  • The potential of India’s globalization services sector as a global powerhouse
  • The skills that Indian companies need to provide globalization engineering services to foreign clients
  • Integrating localization and engineering in the Indian IT outsourcing market
  • The role of partnerships for both foreign and domestic outsourcing companies and globalization providers
  • How technology can help India meet its vast demand for localized content and consumer goods
  • The specific requirements of the Indian market for goods and services
  • India as a gateway to Indonesia, Thailand, and other growing markets in Asia and beyond
  • Developing goods and services specifically for rural markets

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