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1. Please describe your translation quality verification process.
Golden View's translation QA process can be summarized as follows:
1) Quality translation: Select the optimum translation team.
2) Strict reviewing: In-house reviewers check the translation 100%, including correction of grammar mistakes, typos, inconsistency, readabilities etc.
3) Proofread: PDF proofreading after
4) PM sampling checking: Project managers will check the translation quality before delivery. And will arrange corrections if needed.

2. How do you ensure consistency?
To keep good consistency, we usually do the following:
1) Create and maintain glossary.
2) Share the same and latest TM.
3) Use CAT tools like Trados etc..
4) Whether small or large projects, we always try to limit the number of reviewers at least to keep good
5) If more than 1 reviewers needed, we will arrange 1 major reviewer plus minor reviewers. The major
  reviewer will manage and control the consistency of the whole project.

So we can keep good consistent among GUI, online help and manuals; among a translation team with more than 1 translators and reviewers; between new version and previous versions.

3. Please describe your QA procedures for translation and DTP.
Please refer to our website: under Quality section for details. Or please refer to attached PDFs.

4. Please describe your selection procedure and criteria for your in-house translation team.
1) At least two years of working experiences in translation, localization or related industries.
2) At least Bachelor degree in Arts or Science.
3) Love translation and localization industry.
4) Need to pass a strict translation test.
5) Three months evaluation period.
6) Final evaluation when 3 months trial due.
7) Keep continuing evaluation on his/her abilities during daily work.
5. Please describe your selection and qualifying procedure and criteria for your external contractors and freelance translators.
1) Each applicant need to pass a test related to his/her specialties (e.g. software, hardware, marketing,
  medical, legal etc.). Only excellent applicants can go on further selection steps.
2) Evaluate the applicant's Internet accessibility, quick responsiveness, working attitude etc.
3) With necessary translation tools.
4) With rich translation experiences and deep professional knowledge.
5) The qualified translators shall sign cooperation agreement and NDA with Golden View.
6) After 3-6 months cooperation, the translators who show good performance will be long term contractors of Golden View.

6. How do you evaluate your resources periodically?
1) Our PM department implements weekly evaluation to our usually cooperated translators, and
  communicates with our HR dept..
2) Our in-house Translation department gives weekly evaluation to all Chinese translators and send
  feedback to HR department.
3) Our self-developed Resource Management module is updated regularly by HR dept., based on feedback
information about translators and reviewers from PM dept. and Trans dept.. It keeps updated with the latest evaluation comments to translators. Each translator is rated a professional level.
4) For important projects, we usually send sample files to select the best resources.

So with active communications and Resource Management system, we can maintain a selected and qualified translation team.

7. Please describe your training and maintenance process for external translation resources.
We have summarized some valuable experiences to manage the translation resource:
1) For new translators, we will send translation guideline to help them to learn the process, translation
  conventions and quality standard of Golden View.
2) For excellent translators, we will also provide instructions on how to use tools.
3) Our HR dept. regularly collects the feedback from PM dept. to get more information on the translators.
4) We evaluate the freelance translators and assign different priorities to them.
5) We try to use the best resource at all the times, and terminate the cooperation with translators who show poor quality and don't improve.
6) We also send the QA comments to the translators and help them to know themselves more and improve.

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