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"It is our pleasure to count you amongst our true working partners. We have used your services for a number of years (I believe over 3 years) for combinations into different Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean...) and different areas of specialization (medical/technical/legal) and we have always received very good quality and good service from your agency. We are happy to highly recommend you to any Language Service Provider who will benefit from your work to the degree we have and will continue to do so... keeping always in mind that you will remember your old clients before you take on too many new ones!"

Pricing and Vendor Manager

"I really appreciate your POSITIVE approach and PROFESSIONAL manner. This has made it so much easier for us to work together! I enjoy working with you and your team. To be honest, I think I have found a team that I can trust and a team that WANTS to GROW."


"Goldenview has been an extremely reliable agency to work with. Sean has great communication skills and does an excellent job managing my projects. The capacity and versatility that Goldenview offers is especially alluring when working on complex multi-language projects. I feel confident that I will receive a quality product when I send a request to Goldenview."

Project Manager

"Golden View is a highly trusted partner firm for us in the areas of translations, proofreading, desktop formatting and multilingual graphics. We routinely use their Chinese and Japanese translations as well as core services."

We are impressed by the quality of their Chinese translations in particular – our client reviewers usually find them excellent. Additionally, Golden View has provided us cost effective desktop publishing services in over 20 languages, from Assyrian to common European and Asian dialects.

I have been impressed by the dedication and hard work of their managers and staff, who notably provide products usually before the due date. After having worked with them over the years, I can confidently recommend Golden View for core multilingual services.

Shiv M
Lead Project Coordinator

"I have been working with Golden View for a long time and I am highly impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and kindness.
I will always recommend them. (this is all honest)"

Gema R
Project Manager

content ""We are writing to thank you for your firm’s assistance last week in Shanghai.
Isabelle was a key contributor to our success during our meetings last week in Shanghai. With her strong interpreting skills and “calm under pressure” demeanor, she made our meetings more productive than they otherwise would have been. Isabelle is a very professional and very kind individual. We look forward to working with her in the future. "
Marketing Manager


"Eric, thank you for good job. Quality of translation for those files was really good."


"I've checked file (ojne00903p02.wmv) and the quality is excellent."

Khaled T
Project Manager

"Dear Ryan,

I really please me to share with you some positive feedback we have received regarding a Transcription job you performed a while back. The client indicated that the translation was “Excellent” and wanted us to share their appreciation for all the hard work you put into the effort. Since we as a company are only as good as the product provided us by our vendors, I want to congratulate you on a job well done and thank you for the use of your talents. Have a nice weekend.


Greg M
Quality Assurance Coordinator

"I have worked with Golden View for approximately 10 years now, and the experience has always been a positive one. Fisher demonstrates utter reliability; I can send him new work at the end of Europe’s day, with complete confidence that he will deal with it the following morning at his end, with prompt responses and delivery like clockwork to follow. If he has queries, he seeks clarification, but his understanding of my projects and processes is so good that he will at times anticipate a requirement that I had not even expressed.

Not only for the more regular requests, but also for more urgent or large-scale work, Fisher and his colleagues are flexible and dedicated in their service, and willing to pull out all the stops if necessary. This kind of contribution is a great reassurance and very much appreciated. Thanks also to the end linguists, who over the years have provided my clients with a wide variety of competently translated and proofread material.

To sum up, Golden View’s performance and customer focus is excellent, and I look forward to collaborating with Fisher on my projects for a long time to come."

Jenny C.
Senior Project Director

"Tek continues to strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. So it is very nice when we receive good feedback on the work we are doing for them.

Just recently we have received good feedback from our Healthcare client on the quality of the Japanese translations provided by Golden View!

We would like to share our thanks and appreciation with you, and your team for their commitment to quality."

Finora L
Vendor Manager

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